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Adweek Back Issue N. 1 - 2016

CES Preview

Car Wars - The race is on to create the auto of the future. Here, a look under the hood at connected wheels as envisioned by Audi, Volvo, Hyundai and others.

Game of Thrones most pirated show; Star Wars breaks box office record; Spotify sued.

Sensors and marketing; Q&A with DDB's Wendy Clark; digital video players prep for the NewsFronts.

Momentum Worldwide's Jason Alan Snyder.

FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver.

Take a spin on the Segway.

New York-based digital shop Kettle.

David Duchovny on resurrecting Fox Mulder.

Presidential aspirant Carly Fiorina in her HP days.

Item: AWI-1/4/2016 Issue Date: 1/4/2016