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Adweek Back Issue N. 12 - 2016

Kerry On - Scandal star Kerry Washington talks life in Shondaland and why she insists on being more than just a pretty face in ads.

X-Factor - Generation Xers have kids, own homes and are at the peak of their careers. So why don't marketers care more about them?

Mover - Group M CEO Brian Lesser

NFL vs NYT; Whoopi's weed biz; NBC lands $1 billion in Olympics ads

The chartbots are coming; do social sites really sell stuff?; meet your agency concierge

Programmatic political ads demand creativity

What consumers want-and don't want-in a connected home

Miller High Life's Girl in the Moon

SAV Studios

Former Daily Show reporter Jason Jones


Item: AWI-4/4/2016 Issue Date: 4/4/2016