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Adweek Back Issue N. 14 - 2016

Turner Time - The home of TBS and TNT heads into the upfronts bristling with program and ad sales innovation.

Right on Schedule - A close look at the five broadcast network execs who decide what you see, when you see it, and what advertisers buy in prime time.

Facebook’s 10-year plan; Crackle on demand; Advertising Week Europe.

Upfront extravaganzas are so done; VR’s next wave; inside agency hackathons. 

Grey’s Per Pedersen on why creative awards matter.

Bloomberg’s Scott Havens

The dream of nurturing a newborn thanks to American Girl dolls and accessories.

Blaine Lifton’s Hyperbolous.

Underground’s Christopher Meloni.

The fabulous Richard Simmons.

 Item: AWI-4/18/2016 Issue Date: 4/18/2016