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Adweek Back Issue N. 2 - 2016

Meat Market - Fast Food is hot again. How CMO Rob Lynch put Arby's on the front burner.

Trump's Trouble - Tough talk leads to brand backlash.

Sundance Rising - Why marketers are flocking to the film fest.

Cross-Device Ads - Programmatic's new frontier.

Al Jazeera America shutting down; Pokémon snags Super Bowl spot; Rams to L.A.

Snapchat as marketing force; syndie TV bump; Valentine's Day is for (candy) lovers.

Max Lenderman, founder of the agency School, embraces the peculiar.

Ben Samuel on his new marketing technology at PHD.

Eastern Air Lines prepares for takeoff.

The Goldberg's star Jeff Garlin.

Phear Creative tells stories for brands from Lancôme to King of Leon.

Item: AWI-1/18/2016 Issue Date: 1/18/2016