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Adweek Back Issue N. 20 - 2016

Food Stars Anthony Bourdain, Ina Garten, Roy Choi and more make our inaugural list of the 30 Most Influential People in Food.

By day, he’s an editor at Bloomberg Businessweek. But after hours, Howard Chua-Eoan takes his social media followers on a tour of New York’s hottest culinary destinations.

NBA finals promise major ratings; Bud Light teams with Ellen on gay marriage; IBM Watson’s AI-powered ads.

Food trends; Delish delivers; Burger King’s whopper of a campaign.

Michelle Obama on her food fight.

Food & Wine editor Nilou Motamed.

What’s cooking at Waffle House.

 Prepd Pack’s intelligently designed lunchbox.


Home base of meat man Pat LaFrieda.

MasterChef host Gordon Ramsay.

 Item: AWI-6/6/2016 Issue Date: 6/6/2016