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Adweek Back Issue N. 22 - 2016

CMO Report -Global Goals - J&J’s consumer group CMO Alison Lewis streamlines her brands’ messaging across hemispheres.

BEST CPG ADS - Work from the likes of Old Spice, Cheerios and Knorr have shaken up tired tropes and delivered on progressive messages.

SHOPPER MARKETING - Think malls are a thing of the past?Think again, as fresh ideas and new tech reinvigorate retail space.

BATTLE OF THE BRANDS - A look at how Kellogg’s and General Mills converge and diverge in battling declining cereal sales.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn; Nashville moves to CMT; Twitter emoji targeting.

CPG invests in startups; Visa’s Olympics campaign; big brands enter Reddit’s fray.

Hill Holliday’s Karen Kaplan on ways AORs can survive.

E! president Adam Stotsky on scripted series and the Kardashians.

Good Humor’s century of sweet success.

Snapchat-savvy shop The 88.

Chandelier Creative’s East Hampton summer getaway.

Veep star Sam Richardson is passionate about Postmates.

 Item: AWI-6/20/2016 Issue Date: 6/20/2016