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Adweek Back Issue N. 26 - 2016

CMO Report Automotive

Cadillac Man-Marketing chief Uwe Ellinghaus reflects on the rebranding of an American classic.

 FAST TRACK-Makers of high-performance auto go far beyond the test drive to give consumers the ride of their lives. But does it really sell cars?

TESLA: THE GOLF BALL-From Porsche desk chairs to Maserati sneakers, carmakers are putting their names on some unexpected products to extend their brands.

BRAND FACE-OFF-Pep Boys and Jiffy Lube go head-to-head in the battle for dominance among auto-service chains.

Kevin Roberts out at Saatchi; Instagram launches Stories; Walmart eyeing

Retailers missing out on Snapchat craze; brand museums; is augmented reality catching on? 

Verve Mobile’s Gian LaVecchia on the future of brand storytelling.  

Old-fashioned word of mouth is still king.  

Deutsch CCO Dan Kelleher.  

Outfitting Team U.S.A.   

NGL Media, co-founded by John Leguizamo, helps brands reach Latinos.   

Tampa agency 22squared.   

Jim Gaffigan on Facebook Live and his favorite ad campaign.

 Item: AWI-8/8/2016 Issue Date: 8/8/2016