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Adweek Back Issue N. 35 - 2016

Brand Genius Issue


Hollywood icon, politician, bodybuilder and now reality TV star. Brand Visionary Arnold Schwarzenegger heads up our annual Brand Genius report, celebrating the world’s  most powerful marketers.

Trump vs. Clinton: Round 3; Facebook’s new features; MetLife ditches Snoopy.

The Apprentice post-Trump; creative crowdsourcing; marketers’ social goodwill.

F. Yeah and Associates’ Tim Roper on the art of the hyphen.


FCB Chicago’s Liz Taylor on diversity and new business models.

Why bikers are still  high on the hog. 

The Field Desk.

Miami-based creative shop Hi-gloss.

AKQA São Paulo.

Transparent’s Amy Landecker on her election obsessions.

Item: AWI-10/24/2016 Issue Date: 10/24/2016