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Adweek Back Issue N. 40 - 2015

The L.A. Issue

My Pharaoh Lady-Kathy Griffin has conquered the A-List. Now Hollywood's most outrageous comic wants to sell your brand.

N.Y. tackles fantasy sports; Coke's Wendy Clark to DDB; Colbert to follow Superbowl.

Inside World of Wonder; agencies snag Hollywood talent; a short history of YouTube.

CAA's David Messinger on what marketers can learn from Hollywood.

PMK-BNC CEO Michael Nyman on storytelling.

What would L.A. be without In-N-Out Burger?

The Agency Digital Media Management helps studios and stars navigate digital.

Talking Dead's Chris Hardwick.

Item: AWI-11/16/2015 Issue Date: 11/16/2015