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Adweek Back Issue N. 6 - 2016

The Mobile Issue

DJ Khaled - He's the King of Snapchat. He's going to be in the movies. Brands are chasing him. All he does is win.

LinkNYC's conversion of old pay phones into hot spots has made the Big Apple a model for other cities.

Viacom in Snapchat as deal; Twitter curating users' timelines; Time Inc. buys Viant.

Your brains on ads; musicians cash in on late-night viral hits; British luxe brand expands in U.S.

What brands need to know about mobile marketing now.

Milllennial mobile habits.

MXM's Georgine Anton.

That oh-so-familiar Nokia ring tone.

New York's SteelHouse.

Transparent's Jay Duplass.

Stream's headphones.

Paris Hilton's Sidekick.

Item: AWI-2/15/2016 Issue Date: 2/15/2016